Compact Leveler Green Edition

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Stackable compact leveler for campers, vans, and compact vehicles

Green Edition - 95% Bio-Based plastic

Set of 2 levelers, green, incl. carry bag
Tested load capacity: 8140 lbs/3700 kg

  • Easy drive-on, stepless design
  • Stackability: up to 3 compact levelers, stacked on top of each other, can be driven on
  • Extremely compact and space-saving to store
  • Precise leveling
  • May be driven over
  • Ships in ecological cardboard box
What's so special about the green edition?

  • Made from 95% bio based plastic
  • Consists mostly of renewable resources
  • Largely without petroleum based plastics

Froli focuses on the naturally renewable resource of caster oil in the use of bio-based polyamids. This oil is extracted from the seeds of castor oil plants (Ricinus communis) which grow in tropical latitudes.

The cultivation of this plant does not compete with food production because it grows well on poor soils. Other alternative raw materials are, e.g. sunflower seed shells, oyster shells, or harvest waste.