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Innovative Solutions
for your Comfort on Boats, RVs, and at Home

Experience pressure-relieving support and incredible comfort with our award-winning FROLI® spring systems that easily fit under any mattress.

Installs in Minutes
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FROLI® Travel
Most versatile,
for ANY bed shape.
A luxury sleep system,
highly flexible springs.
The ultimate foundation,
perfect for the home.
RV and Automotive
accessory parts and components

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Sleep better with a FROLI box-spring system

Model with spring element
  • The innovative foundation for pressure relief and comfort
  • Individual spring elements are firmness adjustable for a customized feel
  • An "articulated air-flow surface" adapts to your body shape and movements
  • The modular system for any size and shape bed is perfect for Boats, RVs and at Home
  • Permanent under-mattress ventilation promotes a recuperative sleeping environment and helps eliminate moisture build-up


How it works

FROLI® interlocking springs play an important role in getting you the restful and revitalizing sleep you need. Made of DuPont's Hytrel®, these highly flexible synthetic elements offer excellent comfort and suspension for an orthopedically correct night's sleep.


The FROLI® foundation forms a level air-flow surface on which to rest the mattress or cushions.


Base elements are clipped together, then the individual spring elements are added on top.


As each spring flexes independently, the effect is one of independent suspension, superior to any traditional mattress/box-spring combination. Plus, the flexible surface, in combination with a good quality foam mattress, helps prevent any uncomfortable pressure points.


All FROLI® Systems include a combination of regular and soft springs and let you customize your comfort even further by varying the spacing distance of the springs.


Tension clips may be added to selectively increase the firmness of individual springs, for example, to provide additional lower back support.


Your body will be supported extremely comfortably and allowed to rest in an orthopedically correct position.


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Install it in minutes for an incredible difference